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atEvent Gave Transnetyx the Freedom and Power to Capture More Leads

Before revamping their lead management process, Transnetyx’s sales team had to share rental lead scanners amongst themselves at events, disrupting the flow of their conversations. Purchasing additional scanners to avoid this problem was a budgetary concern as they would need to equip 20 sales reps at around 50 events per year. Set on casting a wider net for capturing leads, Transnetyx sought out a cost-effective solution to enable all of their sales reps to capture and qualify leads at events.


Adopting atEvent helped:

  • Enable each team member to capture leads anywhere at the event, from their own mobile device.
  • Accelerate their lead management process, cutting weeks off their average time to hand-off to Sales.
  • Improve prospect segmentation by understanding which leads were interested in certain products.

Transnetyx is the trusted automated genotyping resource for thousands of researchers in universities, hospitals, and bioscience companies around the world. Today, Transnetyx has genotyped more than 20 million samples in 24 or 72 hours with 99.97% accuracy. It has also built an inventory of more than 25,000 assays and more than 15,000 MGI and JAX lines.

Without an at-event qualification process and a tool to support it, Transnetyx had no way to distinguish good leads from bad leads after an event. Their team members had to manually add attribution and context to the list of collected leads before importing it into HubSpot and Salesforce. This proved to be a time-consuming and inadequate process that led to lead leakage, in addition to a long delay in post-event follow-up.

While searching for a new solution, Transnetyx found that whether they were renting their lead scanners from a show organizer or paying for another lead capture app, their sales reps still had to share devices unless they paid for dozens of additional scanners. Stuck with having to share lead capture devices, the sales reps were forced to pause or end conversations, as well as miss out on capturing conversational context and qualifying information.

Between their follow-up latency and lack of lead context, Transnetyx was fed up with their current lead capture options. It was time for a change, one that could give their team the freedom and power to capture leads and not blow up their budget doing so. This is when Transnetyx found atEvent.

"With atEvent, especially at these larger shows, it’s great that each person can use it on their own device instead of everyone sharing one lead scanner. Each member of the team has it in the palm of their hand so they can stay in the flow of a conversation."

- Jordan Knight, Marketing Communications Manager


How atEvent Helped

Since switching over, Transnetyx has enjoyed faster event lead follow-up with atEvent’s HubSpot and Salesforce integrations. Instead of waiting for weeks to receive a list of scanned leads from show organizers, their sales team can access lead records in Salesforce the same day and begin following up right away, and avoid lead leakage. Moreover, they’ve been able to establish an event lead qualification process, where they can now add unique qualifiers to leads at the moment of capture, triggering post-event flows in HubSpot and Salesforce. Now every lead that gets passed onto sales is qualified beforehand.

The upgrade has also empowered their sales reps, allowing for simultaneous lead capture by every team member. With an unlimited number of users and devices allowed in their atEvent plan, each of the sales reps can scan and qualify leads, and add notes independently of each other at any point during or after an event. With atEvent, their reps can also capture leads outside of events when they travel on-site to different bioscience laboratories to meet with current customers and get introduced to secondary labs.

Transnetyx can now also segment prospects based on qualifying information captured during the conversation, so they can send follow-up communications targeted to the products the prospects expressed interest in.

For Transnetyx, atEvent has quickly become their all-around, cost-effective event lead capture solution.


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