Customer story 

atEvent Put an End to the ROI Guessing Game


Taking the Guesswork Out of ROI 
Before they adopted atEvent, managers at the Staffing company struggled to measure and maximize ROI. atEvent’s event lead automation solution gave them the tools to evaluate the success of events, as well as to follow up with event leads and accelerate sales.

Implementing atEvent helped:

  • Decrease time-to-follow-up by 67%
  • Choose the events they would attend based on the previous year’s event ROI

The company promotes its services at conferences and other events, looking for leads interested in using them to help their business garner good job candidates. At larger events, the sales and marketing teams used to rely on lead retrieval vendors to gather these leads. At smaller events where lead retrieval wasn’t available, they used the fishbowl method to pool business cards.

At school recruiting events, their staff evaluates students hoping to join the company’s talent pool for future employment. Staff used to collect hard copies of resumes from employment pool candidates and transcribe contact information from the resumes into an excel spreadsheet.

It soon became apparent that these ways of capturing leads and recruit information translated into a lot of missed opportunities. Transcribing lead information took their staff 30 minutes to get through just 15-20 names, taking them away from making more contacts and sales. Most of the leads and employment candidates lacked any interaction context, making it difficult to qualify them or tailor the nurture strategy. Follow-up was often delayed, and when staff eventually did reach out to their new contacts, most communication lacked context and details of the event interaction.

Upper management soon became concerned that they had no visibility into whether their attendance at these events justified their expense of attending or the amount of time spent transcribing contact information. While they were able to determine the total number of contacts or job candidates gathered during an event, they had no way to determine whether they were viable or not. Managers wanted a way to evaluate the cost of attending an event against the number of qualified job candidates or sales-ready leads made at that event.

All of this was an inspiration to find ways to improve and accelerate their event process, from lead capture to follow-up.

How atEvent Helped

This Staffing company bid goodbye to the fishbowl days in favor of atEvent’s event lead automation solution, which now allows them to scan leads and automatically zip interaction details to Eloqua—no manual transcribing needed. When visiting schools to recruit potential employees, they take full advantage of atEvent’s mobile app to capture contact information from resumes, eliminating the need to carry stacks of resumes back to the office.

"atEvent ushered in a new era of efficiency for our company.” 

With lead information, interaction details, and follow-up actions available immediately in Eloqua, salespeople, and recruiters at the company can provide their leads relevant follow-up within 24 hours of meeting.

Most important, they can now take a critical look at whether an event was worth the initial investment by evaluating which prospects led to sales or new hires and by determining which event contacts are new versus existing. atEvent enables their management to examine event ROI so it can make better decisions about attending events in the future.

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