Customer story 

Sealed Air Acquires More Actionable Leads Through Modern Lead Capture at Events


Uniting Staff and Maximizing Lead Generation

Global packaging company Sealed Air was using inefficient and archaic lead capture methods that could not scale for the size or diversity of its events staff. In their search, they found atEvent, a modern solution that is fast and easy to train and use.

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atEvent helped Sealed Air:

  • Enable rapid adoption of mobile lead capture technology by sales reps, as well as technical and service reps.
  • Empower all booth staff to quickly and easily capture qualified leads.
  • Use custom qualifiers to help the sales team quickly identify the right offerings for a lead.

Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company known for its brands: Cryovac food packaging and Bubble Wrap cushioning packaging. They apply their extensive knowledge and expertise to develop fulfillment and packaging solutions that protect all types of goods during global commerce.


Sealed Air taps a vast network of technical, sales, and service reps to work its various regional shows, making it difficult to introduce and encourage the use of a new, modern lead capture solution. Learning to use a different rental lead scanner at every event proved to have mixed results across their diverse staff, with different levels of experience with event lead capture devices.

The event staff for Sealed Air can be as many as 75 reps, making it cost-prohibitive to equip the whole team with rental badge scanners, leaving a lot of reps unable to record lead interactions at the booth. With so many interactions going undocumented, Sealed Air was unable to maximize their lead generation and missed out on valuable lead data, as well as sales opportunities.

“Some of our shows in the U.S. are big undertakings because we have enormous booths with up to 75 staff members in the booth at any given time, and with atEvent, we can not only train our staff quickly but turn every person into a lead generator.”

- Jenn Grabenstetter, VP | Global Brand & Content Marketing

How atEvent Helped

Since being introduced to atEvent, 90% of Sealed Air reps rated the solution a 5 out of 5 for ease-of-use. With the majority of their team using the tool, Sealed Air was able to standardize lead capture and qualification across events—which in turn has helped sales reps serve leads better after the show.

atEvent’s custom qualifiers allow reps to capture information, such as the number of packages a prospect ships per year, that allows them to quickly narrow down Sealed Air’s extensive portfolio of products for personalized follow-up with leads. Furthermore, event reps can hand off event leads to sales reps faster than ever. Using atEvent, Sealed Air has been able to accelerate their follow-up, including lead qualification, account-matching, and syncing data into Marketo and SAP Cloud for Customer, by cutting down the process from 3 weeks to 1 week or less.

Sealed Air has also benefited from more event reps generating show leads at their events. No matter how many technical and sales reps are at their big shows, each one has atEvent’s lead capture solution on their mobile device, enabling everyone to capture and qualify business opportunities for maximum lead generation.

Sealed Air has also discovered a great way to both motivate their team and identify their best lead generators amongst their diverse staff to plan for big upcoming events. Using atEvent’s event data capabilities, Sealed Air creates friendly event-floor competitions among its wide-range of staff members, which includes sales reps, engineers, marketers, R&D scientists, and senior leaders. As a reward for gathering the highest amount of qualified leads, they have a number of prizes, such as gift cards, branded swag, or a late start for an upcoming workday. Throughout the event, they’ll announce who is on the leaderboard using the live metrics dashboard to track progress and declare winners at the end of the day. Through this gamification, Sealed Air has identified unlikely lead generators, helping them become more strategic when staffing their big shows.

For Sealed Air, atEvent has become a unifying, event lead opportunity amplifier and accelerator.