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InTouch Health Uses atEvent to Connect with Event Leads Faster


atEvent Helps InTouch Health Fast-Track Event Lead Follow-Up

InTouch Health has a full annual events schedule, attending 35-40 regional events and 3 large events per year. Hosting a booth at each and every one of these events was a great way to meet prospects and targeted accounts, but collecting business cards and then manually entering that information into their database was costing them a lot of valuable time. Before implementing atEvent, InTouch Health struggled to keep up with the external efforts of its company due to the speed of their booth traffic and the high volume of event leads that had to be manually entered into their database, causing long delays and some hot leads turning cold.


Adopting atEvent helped:

  • Automate the transfer of event leads into their Marketing Automation system.
  • Identify hot leads and score them before syncing to their CRM for immediate follow-up.
  • Tailor their automated nurture based on the context of conversations with leads.
  • Keep up with the speed and volume of leads from bigger, national events.

Intouch Health supports access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient at any time while reducing overall costs of care. With more than 130 health systems, 2,315 care locations around the world and a network of 8,600+ registered users and growing, InTouch is all about being technology-driven. They host over 1 million telehealth virtual care sessions over the InTouch Telehealth Network, and they are forecasted to manage more than 300,000 clinical sessions in the next year.

Similar to a lot of companies, InTouch Health used rental event badge scanners and collected business cards at their event booths. This meant that their team had to learn and become comfortable with a different badge scanner at every event. Due to the lack of technology in the standard badge scanners, they would have to write down notes about leads on scraps of paper or the back of business cards. And due to the speed and amount of prospects visiting their booth, their team would not be able to keep up using the badge scanners and oftentimes not take notes on leads.

The other problem with using rental badge scanners is that it led to manual data entry processes, which included deciphering scraps of paper with quickly written notes. This also meant that there was a major lack of lead context associated with contact information. That meant there was no proper method of determining lead quality before they had to manually enter the data into their Marketing Automation system. Without contextual data to qualify their leads, the sales team had no idea which leads to prioritize, or why.

Additionally, the time it took to do all of this manual process delayed their follow-up with leads, leaving Sales to contact their leads weeks after an event and not when the leads were still fresh. Moreover, by the time Sales did contact hot event leads, most of them had cooled off. All of this caused InTouch Health to grow tired of the manual high-latency process and lack of account data and context, forcing them to decide to find a better solution.

Being a technology-driven telehealth provider, they sought to become technology-driven in their lead management efforts as well.

sales reps are able to capture a higher volume of prospects and follow up immediately with hot leads before they cool off

How atEvent Helped

Their process has greatly improved since adopting atEvent as their Event Lead Management solution for all of their events. They can now personalize post-event messaging for lead nurture and drive sales actions based on demo and conversation leads had at the booth. Now that their team is armed with qualifying lead information, conversational context and follow-up actions available immediately in their marketing automation, sales reps can capture a higher volume of prospects and follow up immediately with hot leads before they cool off.

They are also enjoying the ability to track data across all of their events with a single Event Lead Management solution. Their internal processes have improved with atEvent providing them with an easy-to-adopt and easy-to-use solution, allowing them to train their staff quickly and efficiently so they can focus on engaging prospects, not figuring out their technology.

For this telehealth provider, atEvent has streamlined its event lead capture, qualify, and follow-up process.

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