Customer story

FARO Accelerates Sales Pipeline with atEvent


Eliminating Latency and Lead Leakage

Before guiding their event lead management efforts with atEvent, FARO used rental lead scanners, which produced high follow-up latency and did not help them maximize the ROI of their biggest lead generator.



Adopting atEvent helped:

  • Increase leads captured at events by 45% year-over-year.
  • Shrink lead follow-up time up to 92%
  • Help its sales team reach event lead goals with real-time visibility into team stats.

FARO is a global leader in 3D measurement and imaging technology. They develop and manufacture leading-edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement, and analysis across a variety of industries. They are headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida with offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, France, Spain, China and many more places around the globe.


Renting lead scanners resulted in an inconsistent process as FARO used different scanners, with different functionality, and qualification processes for every show. The lack of lead qualification hurt their ability to measure their success from event to event, giving them inaccurate insight into their performance.

Another issue with renting lead scanners from show organizers was with the time it took to get lead data sent to them after the show had ended, which delayed their hand-off of leads to their sales team up to two weeks. As a result, many leads went cold before the sales team had the chance to follow-up.

The rental scanners were not the only problem FARO faced in their process. They also experienced a lot of lead leakage. Juggling business cards and manually entering lead data into analog spreadsheets, FARO had a lack of accurate attribution and numerous lost leads from every event.

With events being their number one generator of leads, FARO was focused on solving their lead management efforts to boost their event ROI.

“We’ve had a 45% year-over-year increase in the number of leads we’ve been able to capture since adopting atEvent.”

- Jessica Guevara | Marketing Operations Manager

How atEvent Helped

FARO has been using atEvent for over 2 years now and has seen improvements to their capture and attribution, as well as in the speed of the sales pipeline. They decreased the time it took to hand off leads to Sales by 92% through automatic sync capabilities. With atEvent’s flexible integration, their event lead data seamlessly syncs to Eloqua where each lead is scored, attributed to the proper source, and sent a targeted follow-up email based on qualifiers captured at the show.

In addition to speed and integration, atEvent has also provided sales reps at the event with a consistent capture process, including standardized custom qualifying questions, which helped FARO identify 32% of their total trade show leads as highly qualified.

FARO has also saved money and extended the size of the net at events thanks to atEvent’s limitless number of users. FARO has been able to use as many as 60 sales reps at their large events, each with atEvent's lead capture solution on their device, ensuring capture and qualification of every lead they speak to at the event.

For FARO, atEvent has brought their lead capture speed, attribution, and qualification to another level of efficiency.