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Financial Company Finds Success On and Off the Event Floor 


atEvent Helps Financial Company Take Lead Management Mobile

This Financial Company is no stranger to the trade show circuit, attending around 200 shows a year. However, before implementing atEvent, the payment processing solution company struggled to determine the ROI of these events, given that some of the leads were met off the show floor at related meetings.

Adopting atEvent helped:

  • Abandon costly badge readers
  • Associate offsite leads with a specific event
  • Accurately determine event ROI

Like many companies, they rented event badge readers to capture leads during their many annual events. While the readers worked well on the event floor, they didn’t go offsite—and for this type of company, offsite dinners and casual meetings are often where the best conversations happen. At these impromptu gatherings, salespeople would casually chat with their contacts, old and new, developing relationships that would ultimately lead to more sales than those on the event floor. At one trade show, The company made 300-400 contacts at offsite meetings—and only 50 at the event itself.

Without event tech at these offsite meetings, salespeople still relied on business cards. After an event, sales would hand off their stack of business cards to a team that transcribed them into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet included no details that could help qualify the lead, such as the context of the interaction or potential follow-up actions.

This reliance on badge readers and business cards also meant that they had little to no insight into which trade shows were leading to sales, and were forced to rely on lead quantity, rather than quality, to determine an event’s success. If an event didn’t lead to a spreadsheet full of prospects (qualified or not), it was potentially removed from the calendar the following year. While just one sale resulting from an event could pay for their attendance at the event, the company didn’t have the technology to correlate sales to the event itself or from the impromptu, offsite meetings to an event.

These limitations led them to seek a more flexible event lead management solution.

The company has found new freedom in being able to carry their lead capture tech with them wherever they go

How atEvent Helped

Since adopting atEvent’s event lead automation solution, the company has found new freedom in being able to carry their lead management tech with them wherever they go. While they still use the app to scan business cards and badges, as they would a badge scanner on the event floor, they are no longer bound by the conference room walls. Whether onsite or off, salespeople can add context to each interaction, noting whether a prospect is ripe for a sale, or could use more nurture. 

They have also gained new insight into the value of the events they attend. If a trade show is on the chopping block, they are now able to view lead and account insights in atEvent to determine whether the event led to a sale in the past. They can also view the cost-per-lead of a given an event, as well as other event analytics, to decide whether attending the event in the future is worth the investment.

For this Financial Company, atEvent opened the door to greater mobility and smarter event spending.

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