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ConnectWise Resolves Event Lead Transcription Woes with atEvent


ConnectWise Benefits from atEvent’s advanced transcription and flexible integrations

Faced with a high latency follow-up process that was rooted in low-quality transcription capability and a slow manual data-entry process, ConnectWise needed a solution that was fast, accurate, and able to integrate with their MarTech stack.


Adopting atEvent helped:

  • Improve transcription accuracy by up to 70%.
  • Reduce the time for leads to be passed off to Sales to 24-48 hours.
  • View live reports of lead quality for strategic adjustments in real-time at their events.

ConnectWise is an Ecosystem-centric company that attends over 250 prospect facing events per year. They are dedicated to helping technology teams thrive through their robust platform of software built for Technology Solutions Providers (TSPs) to run their entire as-a-service business and drive exceptional user experiences.

The biggest issue ConnectWise faced was in their inaccurate and inconsistent transcription. They struggled with their previous lead capture provider’s low-quality transcriptions, even noting that on one occasion the app had scanned a business card that clearly had the word, “Chicago” printed on it, but then transcribed the word “Iowa” in its place.

Moreover, ConnectWise was plagued with high latency with their follow-up process. Poor transcription meant the team had to manually fix transcription errors before also manually transferring those leads into their CRM system. This added unnecessary time onto their lead cleansing process, which further delayed sales from following up promptly. On top of this, using rental lead scanners as an alternative to their lead capture provider proved to be inconsistent, each with slightly different functionality and qualification process.

"atEvent has been able to transcribe business cards very quickly and accurately. We’ve seen some tremendous results since switching to atEvent."

- Tori Mannix, Sr. Field Marketing Manager


How atEvent Helped

Right away, ConnectWise fell in love with atEvent’s fast and accurate transcription. They can now rely on atEvent to quickly and accurately transcribe all of their business card and badge scans, allowing them to keep up with their high foot traffic at events. Additionally, their team can cast a wider net at events thanks to the unlimited number of users, as well as atEvent’s ability to capture leads anywhere. ConnectWise can now ensure they capture context and record all interaction history with leads on and off the event floor with each team member having the ability to scan leads and add notes independently of each other, from their device.

Thanks to atEvent, ConnectWise now has a fully integrated capture and follow-up process. They have been able to decrease their lead follow-up latency from 2 weeks down to as little as 24 hours. As a result, their sales team has been set up to make their post-event contact with leads while they are still warm, which has ultimately increased their sales pipeline velocity.

As a bonus, ConnectWise enjoys using the live event lead data feature of atEvent. They can now determine their lead quality and adjust their strategy during events based on their live lead data, including qualifiers and follow-ups, collected from each sales rep.

For ConnectWise, they found a lead management solution that provided great transcription, detailed lead data, and flexible integration.


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