Connecting Event and ABM Strategies 

When it comes to connecting with high-value leads and target accounts, there’s no substitute for events. In the past, the majority of these interactions were ad-hoc and not optimized. Today, event lead management solutions are making it possible for organizations to bring events into their Account-Based Marketing programs and be more strategic about their pre, at, and post event engagements with target accounts. 

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  • Identifying the right target accounts
  • Defining an engagement plan for those accounts at events
  • Understanding the needs of those accounts
  • Creating timely follow-up conversations after an event concludes
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of B2B companies believe events are the top engagement tactics for generating qualified leads.

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“When you have an ABM strategy, it can absolutely make your event planning and execution more powerful by leveraging data at an account level."
Kim Roman, Senior Principal Consultant
Oracle Expert Services

Turn Events into Relationship and Revenue Acceleration Opportunities

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